Monday | July 25, 2016
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L&L Drive-Inn expands into China

L&L Drive-Inn continues its international expansion with the opening of its first store in China over the weekend. Decorated with visuals from Hawaii, the store represents the Hawaii franchise’s farthest endeavor as a Hawaii-based international restaurant franchise.

The first China L&L is in the Fumen province and offers many of the plate lunch offerings found in Hawaii, with some minor changes.

“We are offering the same L&L core menu in our China location, but we’re also adjusting it slightly to tailor towards the local Fumen taste palate,” said Eddie Flores, president and CEO of L&L Drive-Inn.

According to Flores, some of these adjustments include offering soup with the dishes and adding as much as 30 percent local Fumen dishes.

To ensure quality control, Flores sent L&L Executive Chef Raymond Cheng to oversee the opening process.

“Our L&L executive chef spent more than two weeks developing and making sure the food transfers well to the area,” Flores said.

The China L&L marks L&L’s third store in Asia. The other two are located in Japan in the Tokyo and Kawasaki prefectures.

A store in New Zealand will reopen in the coming months.


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