Saturday | October 21, 2017
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New Hilo shop will focus on all things tea

A new shop, Teaching Tea, will open Saturday, July 20, at the Manono Marketplace in Hilo. It will be operated by JoAnn Aguirre.

Tea is steeped in ancient agricultural as well as cultural traditions around the globe, and after water is the most consumed beverage in the world. The Big Island was first introduced to Camellia sinensis in 1887, but the crop did not persist due to economic reasons.

“Today, Hawaii is positioned to be in the forefront of U.S. tea production with numerous tea- producing farms across the islands,” said Aguirre. “Individuals interested in exploring opportunities in tea are invited to become members of the Hawaii Tea Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of the tea industry and tea culture in Hawaii.”

George Jage, founder and director of World Tea Expo, states, “Tea is undoubtedly on an upswing in North America with many factors driving the growth of tea. But what drives consumption is taste, and tea has enormous depth and range that other beverages simply can’t compete with.” Call Aguirre at 982-7691 or email; visit


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