Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Pumpkin pie time, perhaps?

Photo provided by HPA

“The Great Pumpkin,” the fall star of the Hawaii Preparatory Academy Village Campus Ulumau Garden, recently made appearances at the annual Taste of the Hawaiian Range and at the Parker School Farmers Market, where the 636-pound mid-Pacific example of Cucurbita maxima took top honors. The winning pumpkin also will make an appearance at HPA’s Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. Imua Landscaping has donated the use of a forklift to transport the pumpkin on its promotional tour. The second-place entry in the recent annual Waimea pumpkin-growing competition, while impressive in its own right, weighed in at under 200 pounds. HPA officials congratulate Noah Dodd, the HPA organic garden coordinator and certified garden teacher.


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