Tuesday | January 16, 2018
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Shipping Worldwide, Interstate and Interisland Fair in Kona Oct. 4

The Hawaii Pacific Export Council, in partnership with the state Department of Agriculture, will be hosting a fifth and final Shipping Worldwide, Interstate, and Interisland Fairs in Kona on Friday, Oct. 4. Four sessions have already taken place across the state. Although, the Kona session was not in the original plan, it is being offered in response to the demand from Kona businesses and with much support from the community.

The Shipping Worldwide, Interstate, and Interisland Fair will give Hawaii agriculture companies the information, tools, and confidence they need to ship their products anywhere sales are made. Hawaii Companies often face shipping obstacles not only to international destinations, but also to U.S mainland and even interisland destinations. The SWIF program provides guidance on specific routing and shipping options, via one-on-one meetings with shipping experts.


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