Friday | April 29, 2016
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Your Views for April 5

Not a danger

Just what is the danger that (marijuana activist) Roger Christie poses to the community that federal prosecutors, federal judges and the Drug Enforcement Administration are protecting us from by keeping him in the federal lock-up in Honolulu for going on three years?

Is anyone in Hilo really afraid of Roger Christie? I know what fear is: It’s walking down Banyan Drive at night, or the feeling you get when you see a car with a blue gumball on the roof in your rear view mirror. I personally have walked by Roger’s store-front cannabis ministry many times and was never once in fear that Roger would come running out and try to force me to smoke marijuana.

Heaven protect us from our protectors.

Michael Engstrom


A stinky idea

It seems like our governor and his elected officials are running out of items to tax.

The proposed tax on households with cesspools and septic tanks is the most ridiculous idea that I have heard of in a very long time! They are dredging the bottom (pun intended) on this one. Even worse, some of our illustrious elected officials from the Island of Hawaii, who should know better, support this idea!

The location of cesspools and septic tanks, built in recent times, have been vetted and approved by our Planning Department and, in their opinion, pose no hazard. Besides, the digested (sic) products of cesspools, like compost, make excellent fertilizer. Who should know this better than Mr. Russell Ruderman himself, a passionate proponent of organic farming!

What are they going to tax next: Dog poop in our backyards?

Pradeepta Chowdhury


Widen Highway 130

I am writing in response to Sunday’s article about the 45 mph speed limit (“Speed limit to drop on Highway 130,” March 31) that will take place in May. Yes, its great they do that for safety purposes, but a greater way to reduce accidents in that area is to widen the highway from two lanes to four lanes. Question is, where do we get the money?

The state and county collect taxes and our vehicle registration fees for those purposes. Why don’t they just combine the fees and taxes to take care of that?

County police do patrol that highway that belongs to the state, so why not? They may take a federal highway grant for those purposes. It’s one of the most dangerous areas. The people of Puna deserve better!

D. Nishimoto



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