Tuesday | April 25, 2017
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Odds and ends for January 8

Mass. man attacked by bobcat in garage

BROOKFIELD, Mass. (AP) — A man in Massachusetts says all he heard was a hiss before a bobcat pounced on him in his own garage, sinking its teeth into his face and its claws in his back.

Roger Mundell Jr. went into the garage in Brookfield on Sunday morning when the animal attacked. It then ran out of the garage and bit Mundell’s 15-year-old nephew on the arms and back.

Mundell and his wife pinned the cat to the ground and shot it dead.

Mundell, his nephew and his wife, are being treated for rabies. State Environmental Police took the bobcat to have it tested for rabies.

Beer lover creates a brew for canines

BEND, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon man who loves beer and loves his dog has concocted some hooch for the pooch.

Daniel Keeton works at Bend’s Boneyard Brewery tasting room and calls his canine creation Dawg Grog.

There’s no alcohol in the doggie brew. Ingredients include vegetable broth and spent grain. Bottles of Dawg Grog are on sale at the Visit Bend store.

along with other local beers.

Keeton says his dog, Lola Jane, usually licks her bowl clean.


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