Tuesday | September 19, 2017
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Hawaii tries to stop company from booting cars

HONOLULU (AP) — The state of Hawaii has filed a civil lawsuit in an effort to prevent companies from immobilizing illegally parked cars with a device called a boot.

The State Office of Consumer Protection says in the lawsuit filed Thursday that the only legal way to deal with an illegally parked car is to tow it. The lawsuit is seeking a temporary injunction to stop the practice of booting cars immediately, and also wants refunds for people who have had their cars booted.

Lawyer Megan Kau said the lawsuit against Hawaii Boot Removal is frivolous. She maintains it is an attempt to sway the public and the governor given that there is a bill on his desk that if signed would prohibit booting completely.

Fernando Carazo recently had to pay Hawaii Boot Removal $160 to get a boot taken off his car.

“I’m just so mad I can’t believe it,” Carazo said. “I think it is illegal.”

A judge is expected to rule on the temporary restraining order next week.


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