Friday | May 26, 2017
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State roundup for July 12

Jurors see video of fatal shooting

HONOLULU (AP) — Silent and choppy surveillance footage from a Waikiki McDonald’s where a man was shot shows images of the deadly encounter that led to a murder trial against a federal agent.

Jurors were shown the video during the third day of testimony in State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy’s trial.

The prosecution and defense are using different images from the video to support their versions of who was the aggressor during the 2011 altercation.

Prosecutors say Deedy’s inexperience and intoxication led to the death of Kollin Elderts. Deedy says he shot the 23-year-old Kailua man in self-defense.

In one scene, Elderts advances and Deedy reaches for his gun. They grapple and disappear to the left of the screen.

Officials’ golf perks are eyed

HONOLULU (AP) — State employees and legislators receiving free golf perks from companies that do business with the state have caught the attention of the Hawaii Ethics Commission.

According to a July 3 advisory letter, the commission said dozens of state contracting officials and lawmakers have accepted free golf outings. The investigation is still in the early stages.

In an indication that the favors are so common, tens of thousands of state workers received a warning.

“It appears that there are many state employees and legislators who may have accepted and may continue to accept complimentary golf,” the commission said. There have been significant door prizes and other gifts for participating in charity golf events, with some gifts worth up to $1,000.”

University of Hawaii political science professor Colin Moore said “there’s obviously a pay-to-play environment.”

Godzilla running wild in Waikiki

HONOLULU (AP) — No one has seen Godzilla roaming the streets of Honolulu but fictional evidence of the monster’s destruction is all over Waikiki Beach.

Foam cut to resemble broken concrete walls, a downed helicopter and other carnage were part of the scenery put in place by a Warner Brothers/Legendary Pictures crew for the filming Wednesday of the latest Godzilla movie.

Movie-makers hired 225 extras. Many wore bandages, splints or neck braces that showed the injuries a monster can hand out.

Off-duty members of the Honolulu Fire Department and 30 Hawaii National Guardsmen were among the extras hired.

Filming began June 30 and is expected to end next week.

The cast includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston.


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