Friday | May 27, 2016
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dedicated duo

<p>Hilo siblings Michael, age 10, and Lissa Tsutsumi, 7, were junior badminton champions back in 1997, and they teamed up again 16 years later to claim the mixed doubles championship at the 40th annual Hilo Open.</p><p>All grown up, Hilo siblings Michael, age 26, and Lissa Tsutsumi, 23, defeated a duo from Honolulu to take the title.</p>

40th annual Hilo Open

Aug. 30-31 at Hilo Armory

A Mixed

1. Michael Tsutsumi, Hilo/Lissa Tsutsumi, Hilo; 2. Brian Chan, Honolulu/Elaine Chan, Honolulu

B mixed

1. Xiao Biao Lin, Hilo/Michiko Watanabe, Honolulu; 2. Floyd Yoshimoto, Hilo/Lorna Tsutsumi, Hilo

C Mixed

1. Andy Lin, Hilo/Melanie Toyama, Hilo; 2. Ricky Toyama, Hilo/Jessica Galacgac, Hilo; 3. Justin Zeng, Honolulu/Misato Hosoya, Honolulu

D Mixed

1. Minn Huang, Honolulu/Eva Chin, Honolulu; 2. Justin Zeng, Honolulu/Misato Hosoya, Honolulu; consolation. Gary Galacgac, Hilo/Jessica Galacgac, Hilo

Open singles

1. Michael Tsutsumi, Hilo; 2. Kimo Keliipaakaua, Hilo

Novice singles

1. Mark Delrosario, Hilo

Novice doubles

1. Grant Emerson, Hilo/Sean Roberts, Hilo

C Singles

1. Derek Uchima, California; 2. Dean Ishimoto, Hilo

C Doubles

1. Djon Lim, Hilo/Nicky Siu, Honolulu; 2. Ricky Toyama, Hilo/Andy Lin, Hilo; consolation. Tim Solis, Hilo/Mark Taketa, Hilo

C Women

Elaine Chan, Honolulu/Alice Cheung, Honolulu

D Doubles

Yoshi Tsuchiya, Honolulu/Justin Zeng, Honolulu; 2. Nicky Siu, Honolulu/Kristina Nakamura, Honolulu; consolation. Shawn Yugawa, Hilo/Jaymen Laupola, Honolulu

D women’s doubles

1. Misato Hosoya, Honolulu/Eva Chin, Honolulu; 2. Phoebe Yeung, Honolulu/Alice Cheung, Honolulu

A men’s doubles

1. Michael Tsutsumi, Hilo/Kimo Keliipaakaua, Hilo

B Men’s doubles

Kimo Keliipaakaua, Hilo/Pong Suanasana, Hilo; 2. Brian Chan, Honolulu/Floyd Yoshimoto, Hilo

Senior men

1. Xiao Biao Lin-Hilo/Leighton Chan, Honolulu; 2. Pong Suanasana, Hilo/Jimmy Yeung, Honolulu

Submitted by Curtis Chong


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