Saturday | May 28, 2016
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Long distance paddling results

The Hui Wa‘a O Waiakea long distance race was held Saturday at the Hilo Bay race course for youth, around designated buoys within Hilo Bay.

According to Aunty Maile Mauhili, the adults race started in front of Waiakea Halau, headed to Puhi Bay, turned around the designated official buoy, then headed to Honoli‘i; second turn on designated buoy, headed to the Mo‘oheau Bandstand; third turn on the designated buoy, then continued on to finish line fronting Waiakea Halau.

Results follow:

12 Girls

1st. Kamehameha, 20:05.78

2nd. Puna, 20:55.80

12 Boys

Kamehameha, 19:55.41

12 Mix

No entries

13 Girls

No entries

13 Boys

1st. Puna, 18:51.96

13 Mix

1st. Kailana, 18:22.72

2nd. Laka, 19:02.64

14 Girls

1st. Laka, 45:18.89

14 Boys

1st. Laka, 34:44.55

2nd. Hui Wa`a `O Waiakea, 34:57.45

14 Mix

No entries

15 Girls

1st. Hui Wa`a `O Waiakea, 38:43.14

15 Boys

1st. Kamehameha, 31:37.91

15 Mix

No entries

16 Girls

1st. Puna 100.31.73

16 Boys

1st. Puna 51:40.77

16 Mix

No entries

18 Girls

1st. Kamehameha 56:30.52

18 Boys

1st. Kawaihae, 45:27.78

2nd. Hui Wa‘a ‘O Waiakea, 49:04.72

3rd. Waikoloa, 49:41.11

18 Mix

No entries


Novice Women

1st. Puna, 1:38.29.10

Novice Men

No entries

Novice Mix

1st. Hui Wa ‘a ‘O Waiakea, 1:28:11.96

2nd. Kilauea, 1:30:31.79

Open Women

1st. Kamehameha (F9), 1:27:00.64

2nd. Puna (G1), 1:28:28.60

3rd. Kamehameha (F1), 1:33:11.56

4th. Puna (G11), 1:40:26.75

Open Men

1st. Puna (G3), 1:16:32.39

2nd. Puna (G2), 1:20:15.04

3rd. Laka, 1:24:09.05

Open Mix

1st. Hui Wa‘a ‘O Waiakea, 1:23:46.06

2nd. Waikoloa 1:24:45.44

3rd. Na Wa‘a Hanakahi (N2), 1:26:48.29

4th. Na Wa‘a Hanakahi (N1), 1:27:13.90

50 Women

1st. Puna (G4), 1:33.58.47

2nd. Puna (GMakua), 1:34.41.83

3rd. Keaukaha, 1:45:26.66

50 Men

1st. Keaukaha, 1:31:49.79

50 Mix

No entries

Unlimited Women

No entries

Unlimited Men

1st. Puna, 1:12:53.82

Unlimited Mix

1st. Waikoloa, 1:26:26.08


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