Friday | October 20, 2017
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Viking, Wildcats take top bowling honors


Tribune-Herald sports editor

Hilo’s Kendrick Dacayanan and Konawaena’s Jordan Pond each earned Big Island Interscholastic Federation Bowler of the Year, based on their regular-season play and performances in the league’s individual championships.

Dacayanan, a senior, led the league with a 163.45 pins-per-game average through 22 games. He then finished tied for fifth place in the BIIF individual championships at Hilo Lanes.

“Kendrick really worked hard this year and peaked at the right time,” Vikings coach Damien Chow said. “All the league averages were down this year due to the tougher lane conditions, but Kendrick listened to his coaches and made the right adjustments to get better as the season wore on.

“He really grasped how important it was this year to pick up his spares, and that made a big difference. He didn’t focus on just trying to strike. He picked up the majority of his spares and ended up leading the league in average. He really finished strong.”

Pond, a senior, finished third in the league with a 150.64 average and then captured the BIIF girls individual title. She outdueled Hilo’s Kayla Okimoto for the top spot, 1,045-1,031.

“Jordan is a nice comeback story,” Konawaena girls coach Steve Tanaka said. “Last year, she just missed going to states and was disappointed. But she came back really strong this year. She was determined and focused, and she surprised everybody by how well she bowled this year.

“I’m really proud of her.”

Dacayanan heads the All-BIIF boys first team and is joined by Konawaena’s Stefan Kimura (161.46), Waiakea’s Jhumar Martinez (160.50) and Prayse Chung (160.24), and Keaau’s Erik Arnold (157.83).

Konawaena’s Clyde Takafuji was chosen the BIIF Boys Coach of the Year. He led the underdog Wildcats to the league crown, and Kyler Kunimoto won the league title.

Pond is joined on the All-BIIF girls first team by Kealakehe’s Mika Parish, who led the league in scoring at 156.69 pins per game; Konawaena’s Madison Staup (153.25), Hilo’s Kayla Okimoto (145.40) and Waiakea’s Kaelya Iwamoto (144.23).

Waiakea’s Calvin Nakashima was named the BIIF Girls Coach of the Year. For the longtime Waiakea coach, it was his Warriors’ fifth straight league title.

The top BIIF bowlers as well as team champions Konawaena (boys) and Waiakea (girls) will compete in the state championships Oct. 31-Nov. 1 at leeward Bowl on Oahu.



First team

Name School Average

Kendrick Dacayanan Hilo 163.45

Stefan Kimura Kona 161.46

Jhumar Martinez Waiakea 160.50

Prayse Chung Waiakea 160.24

Erik Arnold Keaau 157.83

Bowler of Year: Kendrick Dacayanan, Hilo

Boys Coach of Year: Clyde Takafuji, Konawaena

Second team

Kylan Sakata Waiakea 157.58

Ryder Matsuyama Kamehameha 157.15

Jordan Pajo Hilo 155.45

Brandyn Lee Kamehameha 155.29

James Fisher Kealakehe 152.61


First team

Name School Average

Mika Parish Kealakehe 156.69

Madison Staup Konawaena 153.25

Jordon Pond Konawaena 150.64

Kayla Okimoto Hilo 145.50

Kaelya Iwamoto Waiakea 144.23

Bowler of Year: Jordan Pond, Konawaena

Girls Coach of Year: Calvin Nakashima, Waiakea

Second team

Caitlyn Price Hilo 142.14

Desiree Ichishita Kealakehe 141.54

Kanoe Brickwood Hilo 140.00

Britnee Brooks Hilo 135.72

Riley Cabarloc Hilo 135.58

Individual championships

Saturday at Hilo Lanes


Name School Total

1. Kyler Kunimoto Konawaena 1,131

2. Kylan Sakata Waiakea 1,123

3. Jordan Pajo Hilo 1,092

4. Tresen Arakaki Konawaena 1,091

5. Brandyn Lee Kamehameha 1,081

5. Kendrick Dacayanan Hilo 1,081

7. Stefan Kimura Konawaena 1,080

8. Ryder Matsuyama Kamehameha 1,07

9. Kalai Pomroy Kamehameha 1,051

10. Jaycob Barros Kamehameha 1,039

11. Jhumar Martinez Waiakea 1,026

12. Dylan Galdones Hilo 997

13. Cody Pereira Kamehameha 972

14. Prayse Chung Waiakea 952

15. Garyn Hoota Waiakea 942

16. Peter Ferreira Mina Pahoa 935

17. Erik Arnold Keaau 923

18. James Fisher Kealakehe 912

19. Torin Savella Konawaena 906

20. Kawika Pierson Kealakehe 847

21. Cody Fujimoto Konawaena 843

22. Alton Penrose Kamehameha 828

23. Taylor Matsunaga Waiakea 795

24. Marshall Sugai Konawaena 794

25. Nolan Kua Kamehameha 778


1. Jordan Pond Konawaena 1,045

2. Kayla Okimoto Hilo 1,031

3. Kaelya Iwamoto Waiakea 928

4. Caitlin Price Hilo 926

4. Madison Staup Konawaena 926

6. Desiree Ichishita Kealakehe 912

7. Stephanie Aki Waiakea 883

8. Sarina Wyrick St. Joseph 883

9. Jordan Chung Kamehameha 861

10. Tiffany Kurozawa Kealakehe 860

11. Zoe Kimura Waiakea 852

12. Ranchell Berinobis Pahoa 827

13. Juvette Kahawaii Kamehameha 816

14. Chanel Higashi Waiakea 816

15. Kanoe Brickwood Hilo 815

16. Lohe Kaawalia Pahoa 806

17. Mikki Fujimoto Konawaena 801

18. Britnee Brooks Hilo 798

19. Riley Cabarloc Hilo 798

20. Chantelle Adviento St. Joseph 795

21. Kes Stark Kealakehe 790

22. Ema Tua Pahoa 786

23. Rikelle Sakoda Waiakea 781

24. Kaylyn Ells-Ho’okano Hilo 752

25. Jayla Alonzo-Estrada Kamehameha 748

St. Joseph athletic director Ryan Quesenberry, the league’s bowling coordinator, released the All-BIIF teams and individual championship results.


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