Wednesday | September 20, 2017
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Big Islanders ripping it up

Skyler Tehero and Karen Prozak were the overall winners during a physique and bikini competition held in late March at Sangha Hall.

Men’s teen physique class

1. Cody Spencer

2. Kepa Napalapali

3. Joshua Thome

Men’s “A” class

1. Skyler Tehero

2. Tamer Guiguis

3. Matthew Vierra-Castillo.

Men’s “B” class

1. Shane Kotomori

2. David Awai

3. Kepa Napalapali.

Men’s “C” class

1. Kawika Paul

2. Dennis Kaupu-Gabriel III

3. Justyn Carvalho.

Women’s “A” class

1. Karen Prozak

2. Shawn Paul

3. Kealani Gangwes

Women’s “B” class

1. Kathyrn Summers

2. Mon Cherie Farnung

3. Melissa Hanenberger

Women’s “C” class

1. Estelle Skinner

2. Jenny Sturzbecher

3. Karlel Crowley

Couple competitors: Kawika and Shawn Paul, Garrett and Didi Hall


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